Eric grew up in a family of artists and photographers in Northern New Mexico and spent his childhood taking pictures and building sculpture. On his way to CalArts he got sidetracked by film work and fell in love with the moving captured image. Eric worked his way up through the camera department, first as an assistant and then as an operator, all the time plying his chosen trade and working with many greats including Ridley and Tony Scott, Stephen Frears, Allan Parker, Darius Khondji, Haskell Wexler and Vilmos Zsigmond to name just a few.

As a Director of Photography Eric shot music videos for artists such as Lauren Hill and Sonic Youth and then moved on to his narrative film career.  Eric also has extensive documentary career/experience including work on four films and hundreds of commercials with Errol Morris. He has shot several TV pilots including Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

His work has screened on PBS, Bravo, Showtime and FX as well as at festivals worldwide, including Sundance and Slamdance.
He has a lot of great stories of filmic mayhem and high jinks that he will happily share with you to the degradation of no one.

Eric currently lives in Los Angeles with his VERY talented wife Tamara their extraordinary young son Otto…and a terrific dog named Roo!!!




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